Haven’t Blogged in Ages & I’ll Now Blog About Spicy Ramen

Miss it but confess that it’s hard to get back on the saddle. I’ve lost the momentum and now understand why there are so many bloggers out there who decide to just stop writing. Maintaining a blog is quite a bit of effort, but it’s truly worth it.

Even though I haven’t been writing I have still been active on social media tools like Instagram. Don’t want to loose touch totally with the lovely people in the online world.

The last thing I’ve put up on Instagram is a spicy bowl of ramen. I tend to crave for specific things and the craving continues for weeks till at last I start to crave for something else. My partner can’t understand how I can eat the same thing every day and not get sick of it.

Well I found that I was craving pork ramen.  It had to be pork broth and not chicken. I found that the spicy ramen at Ramen Champion is pretty addictive for those who like the sadistic pleasure of torturing yourself with as hot as you can go (my aunts will understand).

Ramen Champion is a Japanese upscale food court Marche type place. I randomly chose the stall Buta God (which means god of pork). The first time I was there I was served by the actual Japanese chef owner and the egg he prepared was just perfect.  The second time he wasn’t there so it was not as good. I liked that he decided on poached egg for a change from the usual semi hard boiled eggs.

I didn’t dare go for the level 5 spice level which is termed ‘go to hell’ but took level 4 ‘danger’ instead. The lowest I’ve gone is level 3 ‘ very spicy’. I’m a chilli fanatic so when I say I can’t imagine going higher than level 4, I really mean it. There is fear and trepidation as to the effects on my poor stomach.

I finished a whole can of coke while indulging in the spicy broth. One drink wasn’t enough as I had to try to conserve it by only sipping after every two spoonfuls of broth.  If I come with my chilli queen aunts then perhaps we will all bite the bullet and go for the level 5.

When it comes to really tasty pork broth I like Ippudo (tried it at Mandarin Gallery and Westgate Mall). With the chilli oil you can’t really taste the broth. But I must say I love the perfectly dense noodles and poached egg at Buta God. Ramen Champion has other branches at Great World City and Changi Airport Terminal 3 but I believe Buta God can only be found at the branch at Iluma which is the relatively new mall connected to Bugis Junction.




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  1. Christo says:

    Hi BookJunkie, long time no see. Missed your reviews. Wonderful to see you tried Buta God, it is easily my favorite ramen place, but never went with the Spicy version. i always go with the traditional one. I can understand the craving, i am having it just looking at the pics, that shaved pork with the ramen is pure bliss. Best way to cool off some that spice would be with an ice cold beer.

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