Tall Girl Cuisine or Eastern Northern Dumpling Restaurant

East Coast Road seems to be a food hub to me. Yet another place B wanted to try out as it’s supposed to be pretty authentic and he read rave reviews online saying it’s run by a family from China and they make fantastic dumplings. I have to say the service here is welcoming and you get a homely feel. The meal was definitely healthy with hardly any oil in the noodles.

For me, the spice fiend, the noodle dish didn’t match up to what I had in Beijing. I think it’s because they didn’t use chilli oil and even what was provided on the table was very mild. And I found the dumpling skin too thick. Perhaps I’m used to a certain style.

What I had at the People’s Park hawker centre came closer for me. Even B who would rather taste the food than add too much spice, wasn’t as impressed as he thought he would be. The place seems to be popular though, from descriptions online, but it was pretty empty when we were there (we were early though).

I prefer to get my La Mian (handmade noodle) fix at Paradise Dynasty but I think that has been modified for the Singapore palate.

Even though we used GPS we couldn’t find the place as we were looking out for Eastern Northern Dumpling but should have looked out for the, easier to spot, Tall Girl Cuisine sign instead. Hopefully my photos will help you spot the place. Also I was curious about the name and from the Facebook page I gather that it’s named after the owner (wife of owner?) who is indeed a tall girl but not that tall.











224 East Cost Road, Singapore 428921

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