I Couldn’t Get Enough of the Special Chilli at Pu Tien (Jewel)

We ended up here because the other two China restaurant chains we tried required reservations or a very long wait. Have been to Pu Tien years before and thought the food was of high quality. Our usual fare is hawker food anyway.

The chilli here is so good I could eat it on its own. It was spicy though but had this wonderful tangy taste.

I loved the sweet and sour pork. It’s always been one of my favourite items. Also tried the egg tofu dish for the first time and it was nice too. The steamed yellow croaker had just too many bones and felt precarious to eat. I was afraid to get a bone stuck in my throat cos it’s happened to me a few times before.

Did enjoy the meal here. The last time we had the lor mee which was great but since we wanted to order rice we didn’t get that signature dish this time. One of the rare times we didn’t over order.

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