Loosing Hair with the Chemo

I was dreading loosing my hair due to the chemo and prayed that I would be the exception especially when it came to my eyebrows and eyelashes. My oncologist told me that it will all definitely fall out eventually. (The only great thing is unwanted hair that you used to shave or wax or epilate being gone too).

Now I have come to terms with my Gollum look, but when my long hair started falling out in clumps in the shower while I was washing it, it was utterly devastating. I felt like sobbing, but the sobs were stuck.

After that devastation was replaced by annoyance. Hair falling everywhere was such an irritation. I had to keep picking it off my clothes and pillows and I hate mess, so I had a hair stylist come to the home to help me cut it as short as possible. I didn’t want it shaved as my scalp was hurting and very sensitive. I also imagined that shaved hair would grow back with a rough texture and be prickly and itchy. Think I made the right call.

With shorter hairs falling it wasn’t as bad and I eventually got used to my new look. Besides everything else that was going on, like my right leg swelling to resemble an elephant’s foot, and making me loose my mobility, loosing hair seemed minor.

This journey definitely puts things into perspective. I used to complain about my thinning hair, but now looking back at old photos, my hair looks thick enough and pretty darn great.

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2 Responses to Loosing Hair with the Chemo

  1. verena says:

    Hey, I just came back to your blog after your recent series of posts, and so just got to know about what happened despite seeing your Instagram posts too. It’s good to hear you are seeing the positive side of things and are recovering well, and thanks for sharing your experience, which will most definitely make me (for sure) learn to appreciate life and the little blessings more rather than be grumpy and complain about the slightest inconveniences of everyday life.

    It also makes me remind myself not to take things, especially health, for granted. I have been feeling some symptoms that I don’t really know what it is linked to, but this makes me want to just get things checked as soon as I can, at least to get peace of mind even, and not just assume. Thanks again, and I wish you well. Get good sufficient rest, and speedy complete recovery!! 🙂

    • bookjunkie says:

      Yes do go for screening…the symptoms are so subtle and it can be cured if caught early. Thanks for your good wishes and the inspiration to write more.

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