Tasmania Trip Day 2: 1 February 2019

Breakfast was at a small, laid back, hipster cafe called the tricycle cafe and bar. Sourdough bread is always heavenly in Australia. It was located at the Salamanca Arts Centre which is very near the Salamanca Market. We walked there from our lovely hotel – Lenna of Hobart.

A check of historical records reflect that the temperature was about 13 – 23 degrees celcius. So even when memory fails, at least I have the internet.

Walking to the breakfast place from the hotel
I’m sure I had the marmalade toast
My sister had the Nutella toast
My sister had hot chocolate as she doesn’t drink coffee
My mum had a latte with this and we probably took the bacon from her plate as she doesn’t eat that.
The milk canisters caught my eye
Salamanca Fresh is their supermarket
Sparsely populated Hobart – I love it
A very pretty city indeed

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  1. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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