Perth Trip Day 7: Cafe Elixir with my Cousin

I should have listened to my cousin and opted for her suggestions of instagrammable cafes by the beach.

No reservations were allowed here at Cafe Elixir, and even though it was packed my cousin managed to snag us a table. My sister was keen on trying the French toast here, which she spotted on the menu so we didn’t switch venues after all.

But yes, I did get that Nutella and chocolate chip laden cup shot.

That Nutella shot

Initially I choose this place based on reviews online as I was craving classic pancakes, but the buttermilk pancakes were a bit too thick for me and I didn’t expect them to be drenched in so much maple syrup. I still had a great brunch with the company of my cousin, so it became another sweet memory of our time together in Perth.

It was really thick
The French toast my sister desired
Mum’s simple poached eggs were great
My cousin’s option looked healthy & yummy
I will miss the vibe of Aussie cafes
My cousin mentioned not much of a view & yes she was right
Worth the A$2
The full tempting menu

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