I Don’t Get Why Everyone Hates Tom Cruise?

I really don’t. In face I think he’s kinda sweet. It makes me wonder.  Is it an generational thing?  I grew up in the 80’s watching ‘Top Gun’ and ‘Cocktail’, where Tom Cruise was the hottest male lead, like Brad Pitt is right now.  I loved ‘Rainman’ and he was so funny in ‘Tropic of Thunder’.  Tom Cruise always seemed to be a nice guy who would take time out for his fans.

The backlash against him seems to have started since his infamous couch jumping and that argument with Brooke Shields about medication, but he did apologize and she accepted it saying she felt he was sincere.  Everyone also seems angry over his religion Scientology, but that’s just his personal beliefs?

Even my favourite blogger Michael K of D-listed, whom I usually agree with, mocks him constantly.  There is a video of them doing a bit for charity. She dances and sexily serenades him singing a show tune ‘What Lola wants Lola Gets’. Ok I will admit it was kinda painful and akward to watch, but bits of it were sweet. From what I saw he obviously adores her.


Is it because he is married to a younger woman?  Or because he left Nicole Kidman?  There are loads of celebrities who are mean to fans, cheat on their spouses and seem to be more deserving of that negativity.

I think the backlash didn’t extend to Asia, because I think he is still well loved here.

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3 Responses to I Don’t Get Why Everyone Hates Tom Cruise?

  1. jewwishes says:

    I think a lot of individuals dislike Tom Cruise because they feel he is controlling, arrogant and vain. This is not my opinion, but opinions of others that I have read.

  2. ThinkPink says:

    And a terrible actor!!! Don’t understand why he draws the big bucks.

  3. bookjunkie says:

    I think I am a sucker for his smile 🙂 even though most people think it’s got a maniacal quality.

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