Lovely to See My Cousin After More than 2 Years

We met for a buffet at The Straits Kitchen Hyatt. The quality of food is good and the service very polite and attentive. One of the staff, Huri, took the effort to redo the teh halia (ginger tea) for my mum till it was perfect.

My cousin from Australia looks as young and beautiful as ever. I almost forgot just how sweet and absolutely doll like she is. It’s like time froze and it felt surreal to see her in the flesh after so long. So nice to hug as opposed to texting or looking through a screen. Seems like just yesterday I was tickling her tiny baby foot as she was carried by my older cousin. I didn’t dare carry her then, afraid I would drop her.

For the first time too, a family affair with 10 at the table. Only thing is, the table was a bit big and I struggled to hear the conversations.

As usual my fave was the mutton satay. My aunty found the laksa a bit too salty, my mum said a bit too lemak, but I kinda enjoyed it. They all loved the Indian food – naan, murtabak and fish curry. B remarked that the fish was fresh.

My fave item – the mutton satay
Sugee biscuits were lovely

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