I Don’t Like Change

My favourite kind of days are regular days with routines that you are used to. They may be considered by extroverts to be boring. To me they are comforting. I love living in regular days with no extremes to upset the rhythm.

Is this what they call your comfort zone? If it is then, yes, I do find any kind of change very hard. Change gives me anxiety. Which is how I felt when lockdown and covid rules were imposed.

Now we are experiencing another wave, but I pray we don’t go back to those dismal times. I’m an introvert but that level of confinement and lack of interaction got to me. And I’m so tired hearing about new variants and new diseases. I’m sure you are too. For a while I thought it might be healthier to avoid the news.

The powers that be, can we please get a break? Life is good right now. Let’s not regress.

Especially good because I got to watch a movie in a theatre, after 3.5 years. It was a part 2 and the first part I watched as a 15 year old when they screened it for us in school. Yes Top Gun in 1986 and Top Gun Maverick in 2022. It was like the magical 80’s again and I don’t really care about all the Scientology negative press. Tom Cruise is the only true movie star who truly loves making movies and it helps that he’s beautiful. I think only other teens who grew up in the 80’s would feel the same. Our nostalgia is tied in to these movies. Markers in our lives.

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