Tom Cruise is Back on Oprah, and Talks About Suri

Tom Cruise is on Oprah again and it’s reported that he’s very much subdued this time. I wouldn’t have minded seeing him jump on her couch. Why repress your inner spirit?

I really want to see the whole interview but in Asia we only get the older shows. Here’s a link if you’re curious.

I think I am one of the few people on earth who still likes Tom Cruise. I am sure that his 4 year old Suri has loads of fans, because she is just so cute. Anyway this was what Tom revealed about his little fashionista:

“She likes to dress herself and wears whatever she wants to wear,” Tom said.

“She wants to wear it, she wears it…a girl wants to wear what she wants to wear. I’m not gonna tell her different. She’s got great taste.”

He even added that she tells him what to wear. I am sure most people will say she’s spoilt but i think he just seems like a doting dad to me. It’ll be interesting to see how she grows up.

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