#13. Everyone is either Uncle or Auntie

In Asian culture, out of respect, elders are addressed as Uncle or Aunty. If they are close to the family Uncle or Aunty is followed by the name e.g. Auntie Li or Uncle Dev. I like this and I hope the future generations continue to do it. There’s something really warm about being addressed as a relative even though you’re not officially one.

When we visit our friend’s parents we also address them as uncle or aunty. In our culture it’s a form of respect and courtesy. It might cause a bit of culture shock for expats who are not used to this but I hope they like this aspect of the culture.

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2 Responses to #13. Everyone is either Uncle or Auntie

  1. iamlivingx says:

    My children call my friends Uncle and Aunt (with their name after). I consider my friends family and so they get a title to go along with it. My husband has “Aunts” and “Uncles” that are not blood related, as well. At first I found that odd, but it has grown on me a lot. My mom will comment that they’re not his “real family”, to which I reply “Sometimes those are the people most important to you”.

    • bookjunkie says:

      i think it’s a wonderful custom to be called aunt (name) or uncle (name) even if you’re not related. I loved being called aunty by my friends’ kids 🙂

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