Culture Shock #1: Why is Living with Your Parents Stigmatized

As a kid in Asia I never could understand why in most Christmas movies, the kid who lives apart from their parents, often in a different State, dreads their visit. Why don’t they love their parents? It confused me on a deep level.

Old folks living on their own and with no one wanting to visit them. I wouldn’t want to live in that kind of society. Unless they were an abusive negligent parent I won’t ever be able to understand this.

Part of me knows the need for independence as part of development and true self exploration (that ship has sailed for me as I never studied or lived abroad and wish I had so that I wouldn’t be as flawed as I am), but I will never understand, mostly in movies, about parents longing for their kids to turn 18 so that they can have their lives back. Isn’t it better not to have them then? If they are deemed such an inconvenience.

I much prefer how it is in most Asian and Middle Eastern cultures where it’s normal to live in extended families (mostly till you marry) if the family home is not big enough to accommodate everyone. Usually you would want to because you have a strong bond with your parents.

Perhaps TV is not reflective of real life. Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

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