This is Why You Are Fat

I have read countless diet books, seen all the related Oprah shows with Bob Greene and the lovable Dr Oz, but every time a new diet pops out I can’t help taking a peek at it, thinking this might be the one. The latest one was that Jennifer Aniston was on the baby food diet which didn’t sound so bad, but the 41-year-old with the insanely youthful body has since denied it. If baby food can give you an Aniston figure, you would give it a shot, wouldn’t you?

I guess I’m still waiting for the diet where you can eat crap, sleep and still lose weight. For anyone else out there who can’t resist junk, this brilliant website ‘This is Why You are Fat‘ will either put a smile on your face or make you recoil in horror. Some of the stuff looks gross, but you and I know that some of that crap has made its way into your belly at some weak moment or other.

I admit I’m addicted to Coke. But I’ve never heard of Deep Fried Coke until today. I did some googling and found it exists. It really exists.

It was invented by Abel Gonzales Jr, who also concocted other artery clogging delights like fried peanut butter, jelly and banana sandwiches. How do you fry a liquid you ask? You make it into a batter first with flour and egg!

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3 Responses to This is Why You Are Fat

  1. 365days2play says:

    The deep fried coke looks quite nasty!!! I think if you are in a deep fried mood, you can try British Chippy at Raffles City basement! I believe they have deep fried mars bars!

  2. PY says:

    I have read countless of diet books and am still searching for that perfect diet too.

  3. bookjunkie says:

    To tell you the truth I was actually tempted by the concept of a deep fried mar bar but my companion was kinda horrified. Maybe one day after I’ve starved myself enough.

    Hey PY….me too…I find it hard to deprive myself…get quite edgy without my carbs 😉

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