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Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s Diet, Exercise & Daily Routine

I am beyond fascinated by Lee Kuan Yew’s diet, exercise and daily routine as I am keen to learn from someone who had a long life and paid keen attention to his health, with much diligence. I had no clue … Continue reading

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Regressing Back to Bad Old Habits

I decided to cut out instant noodles and biscuits from my diet. I haven’t missed the instant noodles at all, but recently I has a digestive biscuit and soon I polished off eight and felt horribly guilty after. They tasted … Continue reading

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#13. Fried Fish Soup

Not as healthy as sliced fish soup, but my favourite relatively healthy, low carb, hawker meal of all time. Fried fish soup with milk added to the broth, from Airport Road hawker centre. I love the silky tofu and the … Continue reading

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Delayed Gratification

I’m a sucker for immediate gratification. I guess it’s the reason why I pick a greasy burger over a salad even though the salad will make me feel light and energetic an hour after, while the burger would make me … Continue reading

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The Allure of Junk Food in Singapore

Why is it so hard to stick to a healthier diet. Well they do say that junk food can be an addiction as well, similar to crack cocaine stimulating pleasure centers in the brain. They say that about video games … Continue reading

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Attempting to Eat Healthy in Singapore

My cousin D always eats healthy in Australia and sent me a photo of her meal. The problem is I haven’t quite acquired the taste for salmon but perhaps I don’t know how to prepare it properly. And I have … Continue reading

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#11. Wraps

I have abandoned my list of healthy food I like and decided to take it up again. Trying to inspire myself and the folks around me. I like the idea of eating so that I feel better physically. Cleaner foods … Continue reading

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St Marc Cafe is Ruining My Resolve to Eat Healthy

I know I should have just stuck to the Earl Grey tea, but everything here is just so tempting. How can you not try the parfaits (including jello like pudding, cornflakes and pieces of cake too) or the buns? It … Continue reading

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Breakfast Makes Me Sick

I love breakfast type of food like pancakes, bacon and eggs but I’m just not into eating at breakfast time. I think that sometimes nutritional theories keep changing, and what’s been determined to be good for now may turn out … Continue reading

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Singapore Hawker Food & Desserts Below 500 Calories

I am really quite appreciative that the Health Promotion Board has the cool tool where they provide you with the calorie count and nutritional content of local hawker food. This kind of information has been hard to find in the … Continue reading

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