#35. Red Juicy Rambutans

photo by bookjunkie

Rambutans are my favorite fruit together with Durians. It’s so hard to pick just one fruit when you’re in the bountiful tropics.  But Rambutans have been a childhood staple as well.  I enjoy peeling the lovely red hairy shell as the juice squirts into your mouth (that’s when you know for sure the fruit is really good). You then chew the sticky juicy translucent white flesh around the ovalish seed.  If I had a plantation I would definitely grow rambutan trees even though they are said to attract red ants. I would happily get bitten if I could have my pick of rambutans all year round.  One of the things my friend missed when she was studying in Australia was rambutans.  The ones she got there were dry and expensive and just not the same.  Every time she came home, the first thing she did was to gorge on rambutans.  It often caused her to have sore throats, but she was happy.  Yup, juicy red rambutans, truly a reason to be happy in Singapore.

photo by bookjunkie

I was eyeing these rambutans outside Hougang mall, just the other day. Perhaps this weekend is time for a Rambutan feast.

Below is a photo from google of what the fruit looks like on the inside, for my friends around the world who haven’t been introduced to this heavenly fruit yet.  I hope to soon replace this with my own photo.

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4 Responses to #35. Red Juicy Rambutans

  1. 365days2play says:

    Mmmmmm I love rambutans too! You should have a rambutan, durian and mango feast! I find durians rather dry. So maybe you should have the durians first then quench your thirst on a rambutan and mango concoction!

  2. bookjunkie says:

    that sounds like a plan……fruits are healthy right ;-p …an all fave fruit day?

  3. Yummy.. I like rambutans too.. But I don’t like it when the flesh gets stuck to the skin of the seed.. Anyway.. Ice blended rambutans is good.. even if u use the canned ones..

  4. bookjunkie says:

    ya me too…..as i kid i remember the really good ones don’t seem to get stuck as much 🙂

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