I’m Biased When It Comes To Pastor Kong Hee’s Wife, Sun Ho

If I didn’t know Sun Ho, the Pop Singer, was a pastor’s wife I would say her videos ‘Fancy Free’ and ‘China Wine’ with none other than Wyclef Jean, are very stylish with catchy tunes, and would be proud that she’s on the International scene, including the 46th Grammys. I also thought that she was a very attractive woman and I was proud that she was representing Singapore. But now that I know she is the wife of a Pastor, and with all the videos on youtube about how donations are collected, my views have become slanted.

You see, Pastor Kong Hee (former student of top boy’s school Raffles Institution and top College Raffles Junior College) has been in the forefront of the Singapore news and he and 16 others from the City Harvest Church are under investigation by the authorities for some possible financial discrepancies, which hopefully prove to be nothing in the end (we have too many scandals like these and I want my faith in charitable associations restored). I sort of have to confess that my views are somewhat biased. I can’t help but think that’s not the way the wife of a pastor should be, but maybe I am just super old fashioned. Boy do I feel like some kind of fuddy duddy! I am really interested to find out how you feel?





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7 Responses to I’m Biased When It Comes To Pastor Kong Hee’s Wife, Sun Ho

  1. complainking says:

    Though not a fan of Sun Ho, I’ve no qualms about her flaunting a lavish sex kitten lifestyle. At least she has gained more international stardom (or notoriety, whichever way you look at it) than any of our 3 Singapore Idols ever will. Pastors themselves are shedding the paternal image as well and portraying themselves as evangelistic Tony Robbinses. Important religious figures usually have some celebrity involvement, whether its the Maharishi of the Beatles or the Dalai Lama of the Beastie boys.

  2. J says:

    I just think this women has a high “Hate Factor” here in Singapore, period. Unless you are from CHC, you would either remain neutral, or just somehow-but-can’t-really-point-out-how you don’t like her. Maybe it’s her face, maybe it’s her lifestyle, or maybe it’s just the vibe she ooze. We all can see she’d really amass her fans from her churches. Apart from them, most of the people (rather, ALL) I know doesn’t like her. It’s just harmonise feeling. No discussions needs to be made. See her face = Eeewww!
    Perhaps that’s why her stardom never go further than her church in Singapore while she was here.

  3. bookjunkie says:

    Thanks for being frank and really honest J. I know people around me who have similar feelings, but I somehow always tend to feel sorry for the underdog…i don’t know why.

  4. I would have to agree with bookjunkie… I recently saw Kong Hee speak locally and it was AMAZING! When I found out about his wife I was saddened because my boyfriend and I have recently been fighting was seems to be a losing battle about secular music in God’s house. I was telling him that by nature, Pastors are held to a different standard because of their leadership and guidance; and by her marrying a pastor, her example is equally as important to the message. She should be using her gift for God’s glory, not to create lust and envy among the secular world… I think it taints his message because he obviously doesn’t have a problem with it. That’s great that she is successful but I think she should rethink what kind of example she really is…. What is this world coming to if we justify what WE want to do and completely disregard what God says about the way we live…. especially when it comes to situations like this….

  5. Elizabeth says:

    I am saddened by this whole thing, because Pastor Kong Hee is clearly anointed, but at the same time his ministry is tainted because of the things his wife does. As a Pastor, he does have a level of accountability and secular music should never find it’s way into a church, because secular music does not praise God…Of course as it is, he is married to her, but he should at least make sure that people understand where he stands, and make it known, that regardless of what his wife does, he stands for God.

  6. Myno says:

    Most people who support her argue that because she is not a preacher, pastor or full time church worker etc, she is free to do what she likes as though what she does has nothing to do with her husband or CHC.

    The scripture makes it clear that even in the selection of deacons, which is not the top leadership position, the conduct of their wife must be taken into considerations. In other word, the conduct of the deacons’ wife has bearings on the husbands’ position. How much more a pastor, and a senior pastor at that.

    1 Tim 3:11 Likewise, their wives must be reverent, not slanderers, temperate, faithful in all things.

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