We Met the equivalent of ‘The Soup Nazi’ at the Apple Store at Jewel

I usually don’t like to write these type of posts but I’m doing so cos my partner would appreciate it. Also it’s good writing practise?

And you’ll get the above reference if you’re a Seinfeld fan. Just google Soup Nazi.

Anyway, he wanted to get an Apple Watch, but was totally put off by the rude service. Not sure if they work on commission (love that “big mistake” scene from Pretty Woman) but there was no need for the lady to be that condescending.

Asked a simple question about watch straps and then got lectured about what kind of straps we can or can’t use. It was quite ridiculous. She practically snapped at us.

She also didn’t bother to measure wrists, but was eye balling it. Literally didn’t know what that ‘no response to our question and long stare’ was initially.

And it wasn’t pleasant being assailed by sour stares. A smile just makes a world of difference. It’s just the facial expression and body language that conveyed her deep annoyance at serving such stupid elderly customers.

Tried to get another hopefully more courteous staff member, but were infortunately redirected back to the person we dreaded another interaction with.

She seemed really unhappy to work at Apple Sales. Perhaps they are understaffed and overwhelmed by the long queues, but it’s truly no excuse to be rude.

Or maybe that’s just the way she interacts with everyone on a daily basis? Still not ok in my book. We’ve both had nightmare colleagues like that so no thanks. Especially if you’re forking out money you don’t appreciate feeling bullied.

At least it’s always nice coming to Jewel with its cool indoor fountain.

In contrast we have always had great service at Apple. Staff are always so warm, welcoming, knowledgeable and polite so we were pretty dumbfounded and didn’t know how to respond initially.

We decided to just not make a purchase so Apple lost a customer today, but I don’t think really care cos they make millions or is it billions, from overcharging all of us already on the iPhones.

There has also been no real leap in innovation since the time Steve Jobs was in the lead so it’s been disappointing. But we are hooked on the clean design and the whole system. It’s hard to switch to android now when all out photos, videos everything is on Apple. Me for one, I’m not that technically adept.

Definitely not the delightful customer experience we were hoping for that I previously received at another Apple Store at Marina Bay Sands. (But that was not during launch time and there were no crazy queues.)

Well at least I got a post out of this. Hope it wasn’t too snarky.

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6 Responses to We Met the equivalent of ‘The Soup Nazi’ at the Apple Store at Jewel

  1. Molly Shea says:

    Customer service is a dying art form.

  2. Boiling says:

    Sorry to hear about that. Apple service in SG used to be good at least at the Orchard road store. The service in Brussels was the worst I have experienced with people who have been at that store for years. I have not liked any of the Apple stores I have visited in the last 5 years.

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