Singapore Casino Story Makes it to The NY Times

I get a thrill to find Singapore making it to leading newspapers like the New York Times. The recent article touches on how there is the $100 Singapore dollar (US$70) entrance fee per day for Singaporeans. It reports that the authorities have relented on our strict rules, because they hopes to generate the buzz that cities like London, Paris and New York have. You can read the article in the Asian Edition of the New York Times here

photo by bookjunkie

This is as near as I can get to the Marina Bay Sands casino without paying.

I recently joked with one of my relatives who is not a Singapore citizen, that she can enter the casino for free, so she could tell us what it’s like inside. I am pretty curious, but S$100 is way too much for me, at the moment. Also I have never been very keen on casinos. I am more interested in the other stuff that comes with casinos, like the entertainment and dining.

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3 Responses to Singapore Casino Story Makes it to The NY Times

  1. Jacobian says:

    because I am an indonesian and the entrance fee is free for foreigner maybe I can go there to try my luck in gambling.haha…

    anyway I just wanted to know, are you a man or a woman?it’s just that I can’t differentiate your sex if your name is please kindly explain me on that matter. 🙂

  2. bookjunkie says:

    yeah you should definitely go and report to us from the inside 🙂 It’s kinda cool that bookjunkie is gender non specific. Actually thought I left a lot of clues on my blog.

  3. Jacobian says:

    so I guess you must be a woman.only a woman who is shy enough not to reveal their gender on the internet.haha… 🙂
    (sorry Jacob…yup am female….but would like to remain kinda anonymous, hope you don’t mind…..but I appreciate your comments…am too old to get with twitter)

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