Which Sheep Does Your Sweater Come From?

30 year old, Dutch designer, Christien Meindertsma, started a trend of knitting with giant knitting needles and producing lovely things like rugs and poufs.

{Image: Paper and Stitch}

Her beautiful rugs are knitted from sheep wool. She is unique as she values the animals that help to produce the product. Christien creates a rug or sweater for instance from the wool of one sheep and then tags the rug with the picture and identification number of the sheep which ‘donated’ it’s wool. She works closely with farmers for her project called Flocks. I think it’s a great idea and makes us more appreciative of living things that help to make the product. Usually when we look at any finished product like a wool sweater, we hardly think of the animal that contributed towards it, so it’s great that she is doing this. She wants us to make the connection and hopefully we become, more respectful and responsible towards nature.

{Image: The Design Files}

You can read more about her amazing work at The Design Files.

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4 Responses to Which Sheep Does Your Sweater Come From?

  1. jazziefizzle says:

    thank you for your lovely comment!!

    wow these rugs are amazing! how great would they look, especially if you left the huge knitting needles attached!

  2. lostneedle says:

    I would love some of this wool, I want to knit a coat with something like this, getting gauge would suck though 😛

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