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#97: A Mall With A Beautiful Indoor Fountain Surrounded by Lush Greenery

Decided to continue the list I started more than a decade ago. Since then probably some things on my list are no more, because Singapore is constantly morphing. But we are now blessed with Jewel and her majestic fountain. It … Continue reading

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Beautiful Shades

I love gazing at lovely shades. Some combinations are just more pleasing and harmonious like the pastels at the revamped MOS burger outlets. I’m partial to certain shades of pink, blue and white.

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Sydney Trip (Blue Mountains): The Greens of Leura

The Greens of Leura is one of the most fairytale like places we’ve stayed with a canopy bed and the most beautiful lounge area with the best teas and biscuits. There was also Sherry and it was so cosy you … Continue reading

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#96. Changing Your Perspective at the Art Science Museum

I love that we now have the Art Science Museum at Marina Bay Sands. It may be commercialized but I’ve enjoyed every exhibit I’ve visited here. They have changed my perspective and allowed me to view the world in a … Continue reading

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Left my Heart in New Zealand

Visited New Zealand for the first time recently and felt so overwhelmed by her beauty that I just didn’t know how to start blogging about the trip. Been planning to visit this paradise I’ve heard so much about for more … Continue reading

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Remember when Adrien Brody Kissed Halle Berry?

Just had to relive this touching Oscar moment. I’m a huge fan of Adrien Brody and I wish all speeches could be this genuine and witty as well. Watching it again I couldn’t help but feel touched. Watched The Pianist … Continue reading

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The Wild Monkeys at Lower Pierce

We like coming to Lower Pierce. It’s nice and peaceful. B was laughing at me because I was scared of the monkeys. He’s more of an animal person than I am and he is quite fond of them. I find … Continue reading

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Walking from Esplanade MRT to Purvis Street

I have no sense of direction, so I’m so thankful for google maps. However when I got off Esplanade MRT at Exit F, I breathed a sigh of relief. Raffles Hotel which is the first landmark was right before me … Continue reading

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Beauty of a Singapore Sunset

Our sunsets don’t last for very long, but when I pay attention, I’m always thrilled. Watch out for them at about 7.10 pm. I also appreciate the moments as the sun makes her descent on the horizon, and this glorious … Continue reading

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Love Watching Whitney Houston’s Live Performances on YouTube

I am just mesmerized watching Whitney Houston’s old live performances on YouTube. Here’s a live performance of ‘How Will I Know’ from 1985. Makes me wish I had gone for one of her concerts. [youtube]v1arqe3MGtc&feature=related[/youtube] And boy was she a … Continue reading

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