Jamie Yeo Gives Birth Prematurely To a Baby Girl

Update from Channel News Asia report: Jamie Yeo gave birth prematurely to baby daughter Alysia at Gleneagles Hospital on Thursday 4th November 2010

“I had no idea I was going to give birth, I thought I was just having stomach cramps that whole night,” said Yeo, who was caught completely off guard by the baby’s birth, who came about two and a half months early.

“The whole process was very smooth, I didn’t need to be anaesthetised or take painkillers,” said the 33-year-old.

However, due to her premature arrival, Yeo’s 1.2kg bundle of joy will have to spend the next four weeks in hospital.

“She looks so tiny. It really breaks my heart. I’m willing to do anything for her,” said Yeo.

Alysia is a name of Greek origin and means entrancing. What a lovely perfect name. That’s gonna be one beautiful baby and a future star. Congratulations to Jamie.

What I wrote previously:

When I learnt that Jamie Yeo is 3 months pregnant the first thing I thought was now, that’s gonna be one mighty pretty baby.  I have always thought she was the prettiest local celebrity around, even though she didn’t seem to get much acclaim for it.  Managed to find a photo of this child actress when she was a wee baby.  In an earlier interview in 2007 she revealed:

‘Zoe Tay just had a kid at 39, so I guess I have 10 years. With modern medicine, you can have kids any time you want. No generation gap. I happen to think I will always be in the thick of things.’

Next Jamie told the press that she told her ex-husband DJ Glenn Ong about it, and it shocked me that she apologised to him after their initial acromonious split after their 5 year marriage.  This kinda shows maturity on her part.

Glen Ong was quoted as saying the following:

“Jamie had informed me of the news via SMS on Monday.”

Jamie “also apologized for the things she did that hurt me,  because I’m a good person and said it is the one regret in her life.”

The Class 95 radio deejay refused to elaborate, but “accepted her apology and sincerely wishes them all the best.”

Somehow it seems a bit childish and I can’t help thinking ‘self praise is no praise’, that he revealed that he is a good person to the media.  Shouldn’t he have kept that to himself?  It would be been more noble that way.  (Giving him the benefit of the doubt – the media may have misquoted him to get something juicy out there.)

But the most shocking thing of all is her medical condition.  The poor girl has renal agenesis, a condition that caused her to be born with only one kidney and had affected her reproductive system.  33 year old Jamie Yeo recently married Englishman Thorsten Nolte after he proposed in April.   Anyway I haven’t really been following local celebrity news, but  I never realized that the healthy looking girl suffered from such a serious medical condition.

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