What Do Kids Like? Through the Generations

When I was a kid the most fun I had was with my cousins, aunties and uncles. Wish I could relive just that part of my childhood. It was so sweet and joyous. We played cards like seven diamonds, ‘crocodile crocodile may I cross the river’, pretend play like being patients in a hospital was our favourite. We also had a lot of books read to us and my dad recorded our voices on cassette tapes as we sang and told stories.

In school we loved playing ‘police and thief’ (essentially tag), ‘zero point’ and also pretend play especially in lower primary.

As teenagers, the best part was chatting with our cousins, sharing bits of our lives and trying to be cool.

I’m so grateful for all the children in my life. Spending time with them gives me a chance to be carefree and relive my childhood.

All childless (not by choice) uncles and aunties will feel the same, I’m certain.

That gratitude.

Life would be very lonely otherwise.

Pre millennium kids were just mastering the computer with the green screen and joystick used to play games. Tots loved Barney on TV. Sorry purple dinosaur, I found you annoying but you always fake interest for the children.

Early millennium kids were into Octonauts, superheros on tv and playdough. There was a lot pretend play with the theme being the superheroes especially Batman. The adorable animals from the Sylvian Family were a huge hit and I love them too. All this is just based on the kids in my life.

Right now about a or two decade into the millennium these are the faves:

1. Kids YouTube on the ipad

2. Minecraft on the ipad

3. LOL dolls (in my time it was Barbies)

4. Slime & Clay

5. Lego

6. Hide and Seek

7. Tag and just going wild

8. TV is still popular, but it’s Netflix and Disney Plus now.

9. Birthdays, Halloween and Christmas

10. Travel – kids are luckier these days and get to fly to more destinations at an earlier age

But what I loved most is pretend play at the toddler preschooler stage. They were just too adorable to watch. So passionate as stewardesses serving customers on the plane, or as a patient seeing the doctor, a chef in a restaurant, a teacher in a school, a poor lost kitten, a mermaid, secret agents and the list goes on.

These days, just seeing the joy in their faces whatever they decide to engage in is wonderful.

When they just sit around and chat is the best. Some of them are teenagers already and I wish time could slow down a bit. They are really nice, caring teens though so that’s sweet. Kudos to their parents and grandparents.

Talking about grandparents, in their time they roamed free catching tadpoles and climbing trees and there was no TV, let alone an ipad. Much less emphasis on homework too. Perhaps that childhood was the healthiest. A bit sexist too as girls were at home sewing or helping with household chores like cooking and baby sitting. But they didn’t seem to mind and acquired remarkable skills.

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