Babytard Stop Sucking Your Thumb (The Shaytards Vlog)

For all the Babytard fans out there, here’s a super cute video of Babytard clips compiled by a fan. There are loads of Shaytard/ Dadtard/ Shaycarl asking her to take the thumb out of her mouth. Her reactions are just too precious.

For anyone who doesn’t know who this baby of the family is, read the earlier post on why I love the Shaytards Vlog (tard is added to the ends of their nicknames to hide their real names). I guess I am just one among the millions who have become infatuated by their sweet reality videos.

When I first watched a video like this I was a bit shocked, as Asians are super delicate and overprotective with their kids – which may not be a very good thing because we tend to be very sheltered. Anyway, I tend to be super delicate with kids and overprotective myself. I am quite a softie too, as my friends know. But now I am super hooked on the Shaytard YouTube Vlogs and just love them. It takes a teeny bit of getting used to, but actually you realize kids love playing rough.

I know as a kid I loved it when my much older cousin spun me around high in the air till I thought I could touch the ceiling, although I remember he used to get scolded for it and told to stop, much to my disappointment. Whenever, everyone left the room I would tug on his shirt and say again, again, no one’s watching now. It was such an thrill and you felt like you could fly.



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