Which Famous Author Do You Write Like?

I got a different author each time, I copied and pasted texts from my recent blog posts. The thing is, I got David Foster Wallace three times. I am not familiar with his work. I wikipedia-ed his name, and it all makes sense now. He’s a young (in terms of writers) Californian author born in 1962 and suffered from depression leading him to commit suicide. I tend to be quite an anxious worrier and get depressed quite often.

His writing is classified as postmodern realist literature. I guess that’s what blogging is? Go try it out and please tell me who you get. I am super curious. I also got George Orwell, Vladimir Nabakov and some others I can’t recall now. It’s pretty fun and I might have a go at it again, after I have attempted to write some fiction. It’s quite an ego booster!

Check it out at I Write Like. You also get a cool badge for your blog!

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I think like a genius, I write like a distinguished author, I speak like a child.

— Vladimir Nabokov

In my case I speak and write like a child!! And worst of all, I think like an airhead at times.

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