Singapore Hits World News with Our Unexpected Flooding

I must admit that I have never seen the rain this heavy in July.  It seems like the torrential rains we usually get at the end of the year. If you’re a tourist, don’t be deterred. It’s actually the best weather ever if you don’t drive because the weather is cool and not blazing hot as it usually is at this time of year. However if you came here for the scorching sun and enjoy baking in the heat, it might be a problem. Check out some of the videos from my earlier post about the flood.

Thought this would be interesting.  I often check out world news to get a slightly different perspective.  Here is the news of our flood as reported in the Australian Media:

Flash floods stain Singapore’s urban paradise reputation

Posted 5 hours 19 minutes ago

Singaporeans were salvaging cars, soaked belongings and damaged goods on Sunday after a third flash flood in two months submerged low-lying areas of the city-state.

Shops and houses along posh Orchard Road were again hit by floods on Saturday after heavy rain overwhelmed the drainage system of the wealthy metropolis, which is often lauded for its excellent urban management.

The flooding took place just before parliament was to debate the issue on Monday following public clamour for explanations for earlier floods, which are normally associated with neighbouring capitals like Manila and Jakarta.

Residents in affected houses hauled out sodden furniture and opened windows and doors on Sunday after muddy water from overflowing canals receded.

“We never had floods like that,” said Peter Wong, 49, a long-time resident in a row of houses in eastern Singapore invaded by calf-high floodwaters on Saturday.

“Everything was gone, the carpets as you can see are damaged, the bottom of all the sofa seats are still soaking wet now, after 24 hours. We had to replace a new fridge, the fridge is totally damaged,” Mr Wong said.

“I’m trying to keep a cool head over this but it is frustrating. My life is disrupted,” added the hotelier, who failed to take out insurance against “acts of God” like floods.

The Straits Times said some restaurants lost live fish stored in tanks.

A major highway was also closed for two and a half hours, while motorists and commuters had to be rescued from stranded vehicles, but there were no reports of major injuries.

Saturday’s flash floods were the third since June 16.

Flash floods were a rare occurrence in Singapore until recently, with a climate expert interviewed by the Straits Times attributing the problem to regional weather phenomena such as Typhoon Conson and Indonesian squalls.

Critics had blasted the Public Utilities Board for not being prepared to handle the first two floods, while the department defending itself by saying abnormal weather conditions and clogged drains were to blame.

The flooding issue has become so serious that the Singapore parliament is scheduled to address the problem when it convenes on Monday amid forecasts of more rain.


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