Travel: Longing for Things I Don’t Get in Singapore

Singapore is much safer and has generally much cleaner air than the cities surrounding us and for that I am grateful. It also has my home sweet home, my stuff and my own bed etc.

Travel itself is such a hassle that in order to desire it and make the stress worthwhile, I long for places that entice me with clean air, cold weather. nature, space and safety:

Bunker Bay, Western Australia

1. Cleaner air than Singapore. (Enjoyed NZ and Australia for these reasons). It’s just good for your health long term especially if you already suffer from heart, lung and immune system issues. I experienced the worst pollution in Delhi, Beijing, Hanoi, and KL. (The effect on the environment we are all feeling now with global warming) Seems to be the bane of big cities. Basically it was like when Singapore was hit with the haze due to forest fires in nearby countries. (Basically due to the clearing of land by the cheapest method) In Beijing, I didn’t realise it was pollution. The air just looked misty. But it was pollution all right. That was smoky air, not mist.

2. Less crowded. The more sparsely populated the better. (Again, NZ and Australia come to mind) it’s also safer when there is a pandemic going on.

3. Definitely more nature, the greens and blues, like oceans, rivers, forests and caves. And mountains are just a breath of fresh. Just the sight of them in the distance in Seoul was so refreshing. Even better? Snow. That would be a dream. Honestly tired of shopping malls. We get enough of that in Singapore and I only go there to escape the heat – free air conditioning. I’d honestly rather be at the Botanic Gardens but it’s just too scorching and humid. I’d get drenched after 10 minutes.

4. Cold weather please. So tired of sweating here. It’s quite exhausting. I somehow have tons more energy when the temperature drops below 20 degrees celcious.

5. A different culture is such a bonus. The most enticing thing would be a place I’ve never experienced. It was exciting to experience South Korea for the first time recently. The newness alone is amazing and is what draws me to travel shows. I’ve never been to Germany, Austria or Norway. Just the top three that came to mind.

6. Safety. Cos even petty crime like snatch thefts and pickpockets makes me so nervous. It’s not worth the risk for me to put yourself in danger. And in some countries there’s even the threat of being kidnapped and that’s truly terrifying.

7. Great Museums and Historical Places. Got all of this in New York, London, Paris and Rome. There was just not enough time to see it all.

8. High hygiene levels. Clean public restrooms are a must. I’m too old and germaphobic and squeamish to endure less. Again – Australia and New Zealand are brilliant. Way better than Singapore for sure. Glad these countries are not that far away too. If I’m getting on a flight, there’s not much difference between a two hour one and a seven hour one. More than 16 hours is when it gets too taxing. I love the US but the flight time puts me off.

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