I only wrote a single post in 2021 but it helped me feel grateful today

Traffic on my blog plunged, which is not surprising, considering I only wrote a single post in 2021, mainly due to technical issues with my blog.

I wrote about living with Covid restrictions in this post from March 2021.

It’s good to look back, reflect and be grateful. This post certainly made me grateful that wearing masks is optional. I can breathe freely again and also choose to wear the mask, using my own judgement, when I feel it’s too crowded.

I relish being able to see the little ones in my life. We recently had a family gathering with a religious ceremony commemorating the second anniversary of the death of our beloved aunty.

I am thankful to be able to take the bus and mrt. Grateful masks are still required here as I do hear people coughing.

Taking public transport, at off peak hours, gives me a sense of freedom and normalcy.

Not having to check into malls and shops and carry around a token for this purpose is something I won’t miss.

So truly grateful for some relief a year later, in 2022.

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