KFC Hot Devil Drumlets – Loaded With Salt

The KFC hot devil drumlets are loaded with MSG and salt. If you want to indulge in this you need a huge bottle of water to quench the thirst all that salt will induce. I was quite disappointed as the last time KFC sold spicy drumlets it was actually very tasty. Then the drumlet pieces were very tiny. This version has huger pieces of the chicken and it is more salty than spicy. There was also too much batter and not enough meat. It was like indulging in a packet of salty snacks. I do love their coleslaw which is sweet – and that’s how I like it.

A large coleslaw costs $3.05 Singapore dollars while a box of 10 drumlets cost $11 Singapore dollars. 5 pieces come in sizzling spice and 5 pieces come in flaming chillis, which is the hotter version. The poster at the KFC Singapore website is pretty enticing.

photo by bookjunkie

There’s a delivery charge of $3 and the minimum order is $12. With tax the bill came to S$17.05.

photo by bookjunkie

photo by bookjunkie

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