Din Tai Fung Marina Bay Sands for the First Time

The picture my partner took is deceptive – these were tiny
My poorly taken photo is more accurate
We prefer the Paradise groups’ version of spicy vinegrette dumplings and noodles
We had to queue up and heard a kid saying they wanted to be served by the robot (mechanised tray carrying thing)

We’ve been to the other outlets many times and actually we prefer the paradise group for Shanghainese type cuisine – Xiao Long Bao and handmade noodles. Our opinion was confirmed once again that the Paradise group’s offering is superior. Not as expensive, as portion sizes are more generous. We especially love the dense chewy spicy vinegrette noodles at the Lenu outlets.

Service at both places is pretty good with polite servers. Din Tang Fang here having a slight edge with a really friendly guy who served us cheerfully.

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