Star Magazine’s Exposure of Angelina’s Bondage Photos Backfires

I wonder what Star Magazine has against Angelina. In their latest issue, they post never before seem images they think will cause Brad Pitt to dump her. So naive. These photos are great promotion for her movie Salt. They make her seem every more facinating. Not only is she super mum, it reminds us she had an edgy side. People love a strong interesting woman who is compassionate to boot (raised plight of North Koreans when she was in South Korea promoting Salt), and that’s what she is, even if a little crazy at times.  I also love that most men are intimidated by her.  I think that’s why women adore her as well.  Well they either love her or hate her (if they are team Aniston).

{Image: Daily Mail}

The risqué pictures, said to be from 1999, were taken from an explosive unauthorised biography by Andrew Morton that is due for release next month

Read more at the Daily Mail.

Really? That’s it? Heroin and a dog leash? It’s Angelina Jolie in 1999.

Read more at gossip blog, I don’t Like You That Way.

On a different note, today my mum asked me if Carla Bruni was Angelina Jolie. She showed me a picture of the lady I was blogging about. My mum is totally not interested in Hollywood celebrities and she’s totally bored by my posts about them.  B doesn’t like gossip either, he probably wants me to post more about tech products like the iPad or iPhone 4.  He always tells me not to be so kaypoh (Singlish for being nosey). Unfortunately my dears, I am!  Am I the only one out here addicted to celebrity gossip?

Meanwhile the NY Times dissects the Andew Morton unauthorized biography of Angelina Jolie, painting him as no better than a tabloid writer.

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