Disappointed by The Miss Universe 2010 Panel of Judges

Basically I was disappointed by the judging panel that consisted mostly of actors and former models. What does William Baldwin know about judging a beauty contest? I didn’t quite like his question for Miss Philippines either.

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Miss Mexico, Jimena Navarrete aged 22, won followed by 24 year old Miss Jamaica and then Miss Australia. When they were down to the final two I was hoping Jamaica would win for a change, so it was an anticlimax for me. I thought how she answered the tough final question would have clinched it for her.

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I must admit that Miss Mexico’s flaming red gown was amazing though and at least she was not stick thin and portrayed a healthy image. It was just that I wanted someone who looked a bit different or who had an amazing personality to win.

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As I was watching the Miss Universe Pageant I found myself rooting and more for 19 year old Miss Australia, Jesinta Campbell, who is from Australia’s beautiful Gold Coast. She reminds me of American Idol Singer Kelly Clarkson – she could be her little Aussie sister. She was just so sweet and bubbly. I would have been thrilled if Miss Philippines, Miss Australia or Miss Jamaica won the crown, although I kinda knew that Venus Raj lost her chance after not quite fully answering William Baldwin’s question in the way people expected. Miss Mexico is undeniably pretty especially in her national costume, but it seems that for the past few years the Miss Universe contestants all looks similar and are mostly from the Latin American countries. I would like some variety injected into the competition, and I also couldn’t help noticing that there were no Asians on the panel of judges and that sucked.

The highlight of the pageant were the intelligent answers given by Miss Australia about freedom to wear what you want, and Miss Jamaica’s response to the death penalty that no human has the right to take another life. Miss Australia won me over once she won Miss Congeniality which is something all the contestants vote for which just proves that she’s a nice girl. Why can’t the nice girl win for a change? Miss Australia came across as really sweet, something that couldn’t be translated online and hence her low online scores.

I really liked what the outgoing Miss Universe, Stefania Fernandez, from Venezuela said. That she learnt that without humility, you will not succeed which is a great value to teach kids.

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