Miss Having Lunch Out With My Mum

She hardly likes to go out and even more so since the covid period, but when it comes to my medical appointments she likes to accompany me as my doctors and nurses know her well. She says they are always so warm towards her and I appreciate that as well.

I’m extremely nervous prior to and during the visit but knowing that lunch with her awaits, motivates me. Something to look forward to.

Nerves were skyrocketing as I couldn’t get a taxi today. Had to pay for the grab surcharge since I was desperate. But in the end I’m glad that at least I didn’t keep the doctor waiting or miss my slot.

My specialist (Obgyn) is so popular that I ended up waiting, but I didn’t mind. Just felt a bit down surrounded by expectant mothers. But I’m not alone in that. It’s a trigger for all cancer patients like me after a hysterectomy or loss of fertility. I can’t imagine what it’s like for a patient who has lost their baby. My heart goes out to them.

I was mainly embarrassed to the point of mortification today, even though I shouldn’t be. Going through radiation gives you long term side effects like radiation burns and skin atrophy. Also I’m told it’s because I am relatively very young to undergo this – meaning surgical menopause. On the bright side at least my bladder is ok as I had to sign off on papers that I’m aware of the long term risk of secondary cancers like bladder cancer with brachytherapy.

It was such a treat to have a delicious late lunch especially when you’re starving by then. We both liked the satay, Nasi goreng and sugee cake with vanilla bean ice cream so much. We could have skipped the dry laksa as we were a bit too full and it was quite a heavy item as it was very lemak (rich in coconut).

I love having time with my mum. This is just our second time since 2019. It’s precious to me.

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