I Want to Ride a Pink Bicycle

I have always felt left out not knowing how to ride a bike.  As a kid I just could not get the hang of balancing on one. I could ride the one with the training wheels, but even as a kid I felt so sheepish. Riding a bike seems like so much fun. The best part? It’s less effort than walking and you can get to your destination faster. Bikes are so pretty these days too. Just look at Glee’s Lea Michele on her pink bicycle. It even has a cute straw basket!

{Image: The Skinny Website}

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  1. 365days2play says:

    Try learning again! When I was 7, my uncle put me on a huge bike because that was the only one he had, and forced me to ride it. But I never got the hang of it and wobbled all over the place. Later, when I was 9, I taught myself how to ride in my kitchen! Forget about the pedals and keep your feet near the ground. This way you won’t feel scared. Just push off with your feet and feel the wheels rolling. After a while, go faster but still with your feet near the ground. You will somehow “feel” this balancing point. I took 15 minutes. Try!

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