Siem Reap March 2023: Day 1 (Arriving at the Jaya House River Park Hotel)

We were picked up at the airport and driven in air-conditioned comfort to the hotel. In the minivan we were given cold jasmine scented towels and reusable aluminium bottles of iced water. We were already feeling pampered. The driver’s voice was soft and pleasant. All the Khmer people have a serenity about them and it’s astounding considering the harsh period they have been through with the Khmer Rouge with most we spoke to mentioning that their parents had lost many siblings who were killed. The people were just so full of grace.

We were warmly welcomed by the team and charming Managing Director Christian. He wanted to make sure we didn’t get dehydrated due to the weather and urged us to drink a lot. In the days to come each time we sat at the lobby we were served with iced water. Christian did mentioned that many ladies succumbed to the weather and dehydration while exploring the Angkor temples in the heat and due to the fear of not finding toilet facilities out there they were afraid to drink too much. He actually had to accompany them to hospital. So it was serious. We survived though cos we are not the adventurous sort and more the like to lounge and be pampered sort.

Here at the seating area at the entrance (there is no usual lobby as such and it felt very homely). As the days went, we were always greeted with refreshingly cold beautifully scented jasmine towels. Even the lemongrass mosquito spray used on us smelled so good. We were really pampered the way the staff sprayed our arms and exposed legs and necks.

Beautiful Buddha and Khmer statues pink lotuses calmed our senses. These are found throughout the pretty boutique hotel.

My favourite pink area. Took my breath away. Just so serene and pretty. A great place for mirror wefies with the family.

Pink and yellow just go so well together. I just love how Christian influenced the design.

As we took the lift up across from the antique piano, and walked to our rooms past the tiny rooftop bar, we spotted the inviting blue of the pool.

The beauty of the hotel took my breath away. Somehow the photos can’t quite capture it. We instantly fell for the Jaya House River Park Hotel.

Our room and the very comfortable mattresses.

The invitingly unique silver mosaic infinity pool.

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