Jonathan Rhys Meyers and His Girlfriend Reena Hammer

You can see all the pictures at Just Jared if you’re a fan of the Tudors star like I am. He was so great in the Woody Allen movie, Match Point too. He’s was his long term girlfriend Reena Hammer at an Armani event in London.

{Image: Just Jared}

Reena is the daughter of cosmetics magnet Ruby Hammer of Ruby & Millie. Ruby Hammer is so beautiful and youthful that I think she looks more like Reena’s sister. Mum’s actually 47 and Reena’s just 22. In the quote below the boyfriend she mentions, who said he would have dated her mum, is probably Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Read more about youthful mums at the Daily Mail. Just in case you were wondering, Reena’s mum Ruby is Bangladeshi and her dad is Polish millionaire George Hammer.

Ruby says: Ten years ago, just after I got divorced, Reena and I went on holiday to Jamaica and everyone assumed we were friends.
Then five years ago we went to Mauritius with my family, and other holidaymakers thought we were the girlfriends of my two brothers. Sometimes I think people must need glasses to think I’m in my 20s.
But I have always had a good skincare routine and looked after my figure, and I’ve never smoked which I’m sure has had a hand in my skin looking good.
I’ve had a bit of Botox and fillers on my face and I’d never say never if I felt I needed them in the future.
But I would never, ever go under the surgeon’s knife, because I think it alters people’s faces.
I take steps to ensure I won’t need to by eating the right things, drinking lots of water and protecting my face in the sun.
Reena says: When my boyfriend, who’s 32, met my mum for the first time he said: ‘Oh my God, if I’d met your mum first I might have dated her instead!’
It was said with tongue in cheek, but everyone comments on how young she looks and hopefully that bodes well for how I’ll look in the future.
From the back, Mum looks like a 20-year-old. When I was a kid it used to annoy me. I couldn’t understand how people could mistake us for sisters when I was 12 and she was in her 30s. But now I love it.

And here’s some beauty and make-up tips from Ruby.


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