Patisserie G at Millenia Walk: Stunning Cakes

I didn’t have any cake but they were stunning to look at. The flat white I had was great, my partner found his latte too ‘heaty’ (acidic?). He can’t take stronger coffee like I can.

Poison Apple was the most captivating

The Cuban sandwich was nothing close to what was shown in the movie ‘Chef’. I found the ham a tad too oily. The pulled pork wasn’t tangy and the sandwich wasn’t toasted enough so the cheese was not melted. I mostly tasted the mustard but at least the quality of the baguette was good.

Cuban Sandwich

It was pleasant to sit there as it was comfortable and relatively empty compared to the cafe at Meidi-ya for instance (where we initially wanted to go).

Service was great. Friendly, cheerful lady.

When I looked up – cool ceiling

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