Perth Trip Day 6: Duck Duck Bruce Brunch in Freemantle

We took a taxi to Freemantle and I was happy about a cloudy day (to most this wouldn’t be good weather but I have enough of the sun in Singapore)
After researching this place the joy of actually being here
Greeted by the cute Duck Duck Bruce Sign
The Enticing Menu
Drinks Menu
Cute prints
Sister’s Hot Chocolate with that cute duck shaped treat
A closer look – sprinkles makes everything better
My refreshing carrot orange juice
Mum’s latte
Perfect Poached eggs & sourdough that I miss back in Singapore
Mum asked for extra butter & was obliged
I ordered their signature item – orange pancakes
Shared with my sister as the portions in Australia are very generous
My sister’s avacado toast
Friendly people here
My sister was tempted by this awesome carrot cake as we were leaving

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