Before Mad Men: Elizabeth Moss, Vincent Karthesier, Christina Hendricks, Jon Hamm, January Jones & John Slattery

Elizabeth Moss was a child actress and she played the burn victim in Girl Interrupted as a teen. She is so pretty in real life without the harshly curled bangs that she sports in Mad Men.

{Image: Child Starlets}

Even prettier is Vincent Karthesier who is Polish. His face is so distinctive and beautifully feminine that he reminds me a little of a young Scarlett Johansson. So far from the creepy guy he plays on Mad Men with the short combed back hair.

{Image: Tumblr}

I somehow prefer Christina Hendricks as a blonde. She dyes her hair red now.

{Image: Google}

Unfortunately Jon Hamm was just as good looking as a teen. It would have been a lot more interesting if he had been really akward and then blossomed, like George Clooney on the Facts of Life to George Clooney on ER.

{Image: Things Doanie Likes}

January Jones had no akward phase either.

{Image: In Style}

John Slattery doesn’t disappoint and he looks tons better now and with white hair. Who would have thought. I didn’t quite like his character on Ed because I was rooting for Ed, but he is really quite lovable on Mad Men.

{Image: Washington City}

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