Good and Bad Service in Singapore: Smiles with that Ice Cream Please

Shouldn’t ice cream come with only smiles?  I think so but the servers that I encountered here don’t.  This is at the ice cream outlet located just in front of the Central – Azabu Sabo Hokkaido Ice Cream. This is the second time I have experienced terribly rude service by the scoopers. The first time they were female and this time they were male. Both times the young servers (below 25 for sure) seemed annoyed by the customers.  I deeply regretted the experience.  Bad manners, always spoils my day.  They didn’t even have the sea salt caramel that was really good. Maybe the servers should be given free ice cream so they will be able to muster a little bit of a smile at least, instead of a constant scowl that must scare the little kids away. It’s sad, because I love the quality of the ice cream. I’m hoping service improves with time. Perhaps it’s difficult to attract and retain good permanent staff at food establishments.

Have you experienced rude service in Singapore?  Does it drive you crazy too?  It gives such a bad name to all the wonderfully polite food service staff out there.

Anyway here are some of the most consistently nice and polite people I have encountered. They always smile and that makes such a huge difference. I hope they get promoted. I want to live in a world where the good guys don’t finish last and always win:


1. Singaporean Chinese lady supervisor i think, in her early thirties maybe, at Starbucks at Kallang Leisure Park. She’s bubbly, refreshing and just so nice and accommodating. Her staff are nice too. She probably hires nice people too.
2. Young Singaporean Chinese lady at the Tea Dot at Tampines 1
3. Young Philippino girl at the ION basement Milca counter some time ago – her photo is on my blog
4. Singaporean Indian lady in her 30’s who is probably a supervisor at Popeye’s at Ang Mo Kio Jubilee branch
5. The super nice manager and staff at Arbite
6. The Malaysian Indian prata uncle at The Tajong Pagar Railway that’s about to be closed
7. Indian manager/server at Komala Villas who is usually there during the late afternoon shift. Very attentive and so polite.

photo by bookjunkie

photo by bookjunkie

photo by bookjunkie

photo by bookjunkie

photo by bookjunkie

photo by bookjunkie

photo by bookjunkie

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4 Responses to Good and Bad Service in Singapore: Smiles with that Ice Cream Please

  1. harlsmits says:

    I hate bad service too. I tend not to go back to places because of that. In Los Angeles, I haven’t been back to a Hamburger Hamlet restaurant in ages.

    That ice cream looks really good, but I have never seen it served in the US in that shape. It kind of looks like somebody pooped on the cone. I had chocolate moose in France one time and it looked like pooped. I think they do it to watch Americans eat something that looks like poop.

    Caramel ice cream with sea salt sounds so good though! I want some!

  2. ying says:

    I love the sea salt and caramel too! I don’t really remember how the service was like, but sometimes when the food is too good, I won’t really care much too 😛

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