Brilliant Casting: Sacha Baron Cohen to Play Freddie Mercury

I love Freddie Mercury and Queen is just not the same without him.  I was really excited when I heard my favourite british comedic actor would be playing Mercury in a Queen biopic.  If only the Borat actor would surprise us all with a stupendous singing voice, but I quite doubt he could fill the shoes of Freddie Mercury in that department as that would require a 4 octave range! It will probably be really good lip synching.  The film is set to span the band’s formation to their performance at Live Aid but will not cover Mercury’s illness which I think is a shame.  The band supports the film which already has the licence for many of the songs.

{Image: Telegraph}

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Little Known Facts About Freddie Mercury

1. He was born Farokh Bulsara and his parents were Parsi and Zoroastrian.

2. He grew up in India.

3. He has one younger sister, Kashmira.

4. His favourite colour was yellow

5. His favourite countries were UK and Japan.

Young Freddie Mercury.

Little Known Facts About Sacha Baron Cohen

1. He’s brainy – Studied History at the University of Cambridge and would have pursued a Phd if he hadn’t gone into comedy instead. I think it’s our gain.

2. His wife Isla Fischer just gave birth to his second child.

The Borat Star’s little girl Olive is a real cutie and from her animated stance we can see she is probably got comedic talents in her genes.

{Image: Celebrity Baby Scoop}

{Image: E online}

I think somewhere out there fans of Mika are disappointed. Perhaps he could have come closer to matching the vocals. Just an excuse to me to post a video of a Mika song that hooked me from the very first time I heard it – Grace Kelly. It was about all the music executives who rejected him before he was famous, and that included Simon Cowell.  Anyone who has faced cruel rejection will be able to relate to this song.


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13 Responses to Brilliant Casting: Sacha Baron Cohen to Play Freddie Mercury

  1. Their little girl is really cute! She looks just like her mama 🙂

  2. harlsmits says:

    That is an adorable little girl. She looks like she’s full of mischief. I read that Sacha Baron Cohen will be lipsinking, but I’m excited to see him in this role. Comedic actors are usually very good at serious roles

    • bookjunkie says:

      I think that’s true too..comedic actors are brilliant in serious roles…..Robin Williams and Adam Sandler comes to mind.

      Olive Cohen is like the cutest little munchkin…I adore expressive kids.

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  4. I don’t know why I missed this post when you first posted it! I love both Freddie and Sacha…I can’t wait for that one.
    Being a U2 fan I know that Bono was asked to sing for Freddie a few days before he died.
    I think you’re right, I think we’ll be seeing more of Olive in the future!

  5. whatsaysyou says:

    I grew up listening to Queen as a child and I agree with you that Queen has never been the same since Mercury passed away on 24th November 1991. Although it would be good to see a film about Freddie and the band, but honestly I think they should also cover his illness too. Speak about Mika, I have to admit he sometimes sounds like Freddie Mercury.

    Do you know that Freddie Mercury was named an Asian Hero in Time Magazine in 2006 and he was featured on this: . He maybe gone for nearly 20 years but he left a legacy and shown that Asians can be as good and talented as their Western counterparts in the non-classical music genre.

    • bookjunkie says:

      I think it’s cool that he’s listed as an Asian hero. I had no idea he was Asian till a couple of years ago.

      • whatsaysyou says:

        It is true he is Asian but from what I was told a few years ago, the world only knew he was Asian when he died in 1991. Here is another interesting tidbit to share which I saw on a Freddie Mercury documentary a few years ago: do you know that some of his songs actually have a bit of Bollywood influences which is why many music critics and fans would describe Queen’s music as epic as some of the opera stuff.

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