Haze Worsens

Update 6pm:  Our air quality has hit the unhealthy range.


What I wrote earlier:

The P.S.I hit 90 and if it goes past 100 the air is officially in the unhealthy zone. The temperature today was around 31 degrees. A combination of the rain and the smoke particles blocking out the sun. Visibility was definitely worse than what you see in the photo I took.

I am officially choking on all the smoke and I positively loathe second hand smoke.

photo by bookjunkie


photo by bookjunkie


photo by bookjunkie

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7 Responses to Haze Worsens

  1. lynnette-net says:

    that isn’t too bad… i was at clementi earlier and i couldn’t even make out the overhead bridge from say, 300m away?

  2. 365days2play says:

    It’s so terrible. And it seems quite sudden this year too.

  3. floramoreno says:

    I was surprised at first to hear that this occurred every year, but then realized I went through this every year too in California.

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