New WordPress Theme: Pilcrow

Made the change to Pilcrow, because I was excited about the customization header, and also because of the larger font size. My blind as a bat eyes were crying out for bigger fonts. It may be a little messier than my last minimalist Theme, but I think this might grow on me.

You may see my header picture change depending on my whim and fancy and level of laziness. Right now I have used the one of green chillies in a glass jar which I feel is very descriptive of my Tiny Island. What is Singapore without food? And what is our food without condiments like sliced green chillies preserved in vinegar? I have a feeling, this one might just stick.

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Blogging about life in Singapore & recently cancer too.
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4 Responses to New WordPress Theme: Pilcrow

  1. Nice move! I really love this theme as well. I was wondering what the header was until I read it here. Have a nice day. Enjoy!

    • bookjunkie says:

      hey thanks for sharing with me that you couldn’t identify what I was….I think that makes it quite interesting to me 🙂 a bit of a puzzle what the heck is that green thing!

  2. bookmagic1 says:

    I like this theme too but trying some others too. I wish I could find a good header pic that fits with my blog so I can stick to it. Btw, you take some amazing photos! Do you taken them all yourself?

    Wish you the best!

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