The Bravest Writer I’ve Met On WordPress – Janet

I’m so impressed at how Janet is so unafraid to unburden her heart and in doing so has helped me. She has made me count my own blessings. She has made me not feel so isolated in my own grief of losing my dad. She lays out imperfect relationships but where love thrives.

My Papa and me, another tumultuous relationship, but that’s because deep down there is that foundation of unbreakable love. He showed me love not in direct declarations like you would see on American TV, but more powerfully in everything he did and sacrificed. I only realised how much I love him when it was too late.

But it’s never too late to tell those who have a good dad (they are taking for granted) to truly see and appreciate them more. Now.

To my dad, when he was alive, it was blatantly obvious to him that my angelic mum was my favourite and I feel so sad that I only realised how much I loved him and miss him now that’s he’s not with me. (Papa I never imagined how lonely I would be without you. You’d be shocked to hear it the way I was always rejecting you)

I just wish there was a way to transmit that love to him. He was definitely the neglected parent as most dads tend to be. It didn’t helped that we can both be quite fiery. (Because we are so much the same in our anxieties and the depth of our hearts). And also this need to talk and talk. In my case write and write.

Janet I have to thank you for inspiring me. So please hang on.

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  1. Janet says:

    Omg my heart is doing happy backflips at your beautiful post ❤️ thank you sooo much!!! So blessed to read this xx

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