Cyclists on a Pedestrian Pass

My family and friends have a common pet peeve – cyclists who zoom by on pedestrian paths and yell at you to move aside when they are coming from the back (the pedestrian’s blind spot).  I didn’t realize that it is actually an offence in Singapore, because I see it going on unchecked. It’s just so rude and dangerous too.  I don’t think they should be going so fast on a walkway in the first place.

On the other hand, it’s dangerous for cyclists on the road, so it’s quite a dilemma.  A separate bicycle path on our already congested roads – I don’t quite see it happening. There’s already a heated debate about this on our Singapore forum pages like the one at the Straits Times. Is this a problem in your country as well?

Someone was so annoyed by this that they expressed their frustrations here. I just had to take a photo to show you.

photo by bookjunkie


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4 Responses to Cyclists on a Pedestrian Pass

  1. Is the punishment for cycling on the walkway worse that the punishment for graffiti?
    My state is trying to raise the money to put bike lanes in the streets, but it’s a very slow precess.

  2. Guus says:

    It’s a pain indeed. Where I’m from (Netherlands), we have bicycle paths along major roads, cycle-traffic lights and cycles are also respected by cars if there isn’t a separate track. I don’t think enough people cycle to make bicycle lanes work here. It’s just going to be used by pedestrians and/or cars since there aren’t enough cyclists to occupy the space.

    But the problem isn’t all by the bikers, they need to ride somewhere as you also say. If pedestrians weren’t taking the full width of the path and consistently kept to the left, there would be a place for everyone.

    • bookjunkie says:

      this is one of the problems when a country is overpopulated I guess. Similar issue with the MRT. Sometimes you just have to wait for the next train because it’s just too full to even get in. This is why I feel so free whenever I go to a sparsely populated country…it feels like heaven to not bump into people all the time. For a while it felt like a ghost town, but then I realized that this is how it is..and it was wonderful 🙂

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