Just want to get back to how it was in 2019

Can we have no more restrictions please. Even though I’m an introvert who panics at the thought of too many functions, a germaphobe who jumps anytime someone sneezes or coughs too close to me, I’m just so mentally fatigued with all the restrictions. At the same time, of course, I hope there are no serious cases and hospitals are not inundated. Unrealistic, wishful thinking?

I hope this happens worldwide too like it already has in the UK and some countries in Europe. Travelling is already an anxiety inducing experience for me so the dropping of testing requirements would be such a huge relief.

Singapore is just too small and it feels so claustrophobic to remain on this congested island for more than 3 years. The last time I travelled was January 2019. It was to Tasmania and for 2020 my sister was planning a trip to Spain but of course it never materialised with the pandemic hitting us with full force, including a lockdown for the first time in our lives.

The new more relaxed rules from Tuesday

Wish everything could be left to our own discretion. I’m tired of all the mandates and seeing people pay fines and go to jail over this. I don’t even wish this on the maskless former Navy officer who is now famous for asking the safe distancing ambassador to show her their badge.

I’m sure everyone is just exhausted from being constantly traced and living in fear. Fear from the virus and fear from accidentally flouting rules. Let’s all just live and use common sense to not let our elderly or immune compromised loved ones get infected. Practise good hygiene and be considerate. If we need to be a hermit, we should.

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