Charlie Sheen and his Goddesses: I Feel Sorry for Denise Richards and his Kids

Denise Richards has been getting heat from the tabloid for ages and somehow Charlie Sheen has been left alone. Now the world can see that perhaps Denise Richards was just being a protective mum. Even then I didn’t see why she was getting so much flack.

View this video of Charlier Sheen and his two girlfriends (he calls them goddesses) and tell me what you make of it. I for one can’t take big egos and he seems unapologetic about what his children have been put through.


In the first part of the interview he says he’s on a drug called Charlie Sheen. I have to admit that he can be a bit funny in his mania. And I must admit he is captivating to watch. I guess that’s why he’s a star and already has millions of followers on twitter.

And lately he’s been vlogging too. On Sheen’s Korner. In all his craziness he does sounds a tad poetic. But he reminds me of Bush when he says “You’re either in my corner or you’re with the trolls”. Or is this really a case of a bad boss. I guess I don’t know all the facts.

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3 Responses to Charlie Sheen and his Goddesses: I Feel Sorry for Denise Richards and his Kids

  1. Anyone who works with addicts (particularly cocaine addiction) can tell you Charlie is on the stuff. Sad, really, because people like this rarely last.

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