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Netflix: The Lost Daughter

This is probably an unpopular opinion, but I really loathed and was actually repulsed by the main character Leda in ‘The Lost Daughter’, played by Olivia Coleman. She has an affair and leaves her two very young daughters for three … Continue reading

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Singapore Museums: The National Museum is Amazing & A Must Visit

It’s free for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents so we really should take advantage of this. The building itself is spectacular and we are always awestruck looking up at the dome with the stain glass. As I went with two darling … Continue reading

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How the Society you live in Determines Happiness

Warning: this is yet another rambling, meandering post. Stream of consciousness? At first listening to the French Duolingo podcasts was inspiring but after a while I found a common theme. The protagonist surmounted all the odds to win a contest … Continue reading

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Best Day in Months

Visited my Aunt, Uncle and nieces today and felt so much joy and love it was indescribable. I was on cloud nine. Energized me so much that chemo fatigue was truly non existent. The innocence, pure love and exuberance of … Continue reading

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Finally Did it: River Safari

The River Safari is a mixture of an aquarium and a zoo. I enjoyed the it more than I thought I would. I’m not usually an outdoorsy type of person. My favourite exhibits would be the pandas, red pandas (more … Continue reading

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Peekaboo Books

I love Children’s Books that are well made. Gonna start writing about my favourite ones.

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Wish I Had a Playhouse when I was Little…

But back then the back of the couch was fine. There sure are some amazing playhouses in Singapore but they do come with a hefty price tag. Playtents are cheaper (Ikea) but I was attracted to this sturdier pretty one … Continue reading

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City Square for Kiddie Stuff

These days I’m interested in shopping – if it’s for baby or kiddie stuff. Recently I found that City Square is one such place.

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Happiness Gift that Banishes Negativity for a While

I need an off switch for my mind. Here I am, awake at 4am and unable to go back to sleep due to worry. What better to do than to compose a blog post. Haven’t been updating the blog lately … Continue reading

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Children in Hanoi During Tet

The children in Hanoi were enchanting, posing for their parents during the Tet festival. The Vietnamese people seem to be very family oriented and I noticed they were very gentle and loving with their kids. Here were children tucking into … Continue reading

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