Tom Hanks is Coming to Singapore in June

I am a huge fan of Tom Hanks and still think he was robbed of the Best Actor Oscar for Cast Away. Can’t recall who won that year though. That movie left me sobbing. Even the second time I watched it. I have been watching his movies since he was a young comedian, way before Forest Gump.

He’s coming to Singapore in June to promote his new movie Larry Crowne which looks like a fun movie. You can follow Tom Hanks on twitter too. My partner is an even bigger fan.

Not that we’ll get a chance to see him, but just knowing he’s on the island is exciting.

Checked and it was Kevin Spacey for American Beauty. He’s brilliant too, but I still preferred Tom Hanks performance. I was just so moved by his performance, especially the pivotal scene with Helen Hunt. It’s unfair how some years there are so many brilliant performances and other years…so many blah ones.

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7 Responses to Tom Hanks is Coming to Singapore in June

  1. You MUST try to see him….one of my all time fave’s. I’ll be waiting for your post (with pictures!)

  2. That’s so cool. BJ, I watched Castaway when my first son was only six months old and it was my first DATE away from him. What I remember about that movie so vividly was that I saw it at an outdoor theater and it was windy.

    I had my cell phone infront of me because I was being an anxious mom. And then with the movie and the wind it was quite an experience.

    I did see Tom Hanks once in REAL LIFE! My best friend came to visit me in Los Angeles from San Francisco.

    She asked me if I ever saw movie stars in LA. I said well, not like you would imagine. And then, as if by magic, we saw him driving behind us in a convertible VW car with two small children and surfboards. They were probably going to the beach.

    It was cool!

    Hope you liked my story friend. Have a great day.

    Julie Bulie

  3. whatsaysyou says:

    Tom Hanks is the most talented actor ever 🙂 He’s played everything from Forrest Gump to Prof Robert Langdon and he totally rocks

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