Wan Tan Mee Rivalry?

Out of all the types of noodles in Singapore, wan tan mee is my favourite and what I miss most when I have been away from Singapore for some time. I quite liked the texture of the noodles at Joo Chiat’s Fei Fei Wonton Mee, although it’s not the best wan tan mee I’ve had. I have a preference for the one at Chomp Chomp and the one at the Lavendar Street Market. My partner likes the one at the Old Airport Road Hawker Centre.

fei fei

photo by bookjunkie

Does make me hungry looking at it again. Noodles always have that effect on me. Total comfort food. It’s never a good idea to food blog at night when you’re hungry.


photo by bookjunkie

The simple coffeeshop at Joo Chiat where it can get quite hot and stuffy when it’s crowded.

photo by bookjunkie

As we walked down the road we saw another Fei Fei restaurant and wondered which was the original. Scrutinizing the sign, that one was called Fei Fei Wan Tan Mee King. This blogger investigated the situation and it’s a whole complex story about a grandfather and his grandsons. I think I may have eaten at the wrong place. This blogger seems to suggest that too. So next time I have to try the noodles at Fei Fei Wantan Mee King. Singapore is filled with food rivalry stories like this because hawker food is big business and Singaporeans will travel to the remotest corners of Singapore for the best.

photo by bookjunkie

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9 Responses to Wan Tan Mee Rivalry?

  1. miss ene says:

    I have to add that I totally hated Fei Fei Wanton mee when the boy took me there once. We both don’t get the hype at all!

  2. Yeah, their noodle is one of the better ones around. But they aren’t as good as they used to be.

  3. maryawrites says:

    I am literally salivating right now. I LOVE noodles …OMG, I wish I could come over and devour this – like right now. Infact we (my kids and I) could have a war over a plate of noodles. We are one big pasta loving family.

    Your pics are awsome. So glad I peeked! 🙂

  4. Mmmm noodles. I love carbs!!! Haven’t been able to find good wantan mee in a long time. I may give this a try. I used to like the ones at Amoy Street Hawker Centre when I was working in town. To me, if the wonton mee is that good, I can even eat the entire bowl of noodles while ignoring the wantons!

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