Michael Buble on Singapore

I feel so sad that I missed Buble’s concert. Someone blogged that he got good seats 10 rows from the front that cost a whopping S$600. Just could not afford it, but at least I get to watch this Singapore interview.

Had to post it as it’s another reason to love Michael Buble. He’s just so sincere and down to earth. I love how he genuinely seems to like Singapore as well. Did anyone bump into him and his beautiful wife Luisana when he was at Little India or Chinatown? That would have been interesting and surreal.

He even admits to doing stupid things well into his thirties and I find that humility refreshing. I had no idea that he hated the paparazzi that much though. They tend to put the most unflattering photos of him up and now I know why.


In the second part of the interview he reveals how he played tourist in Singapore, going to Little India, Chinatown and trying Chilli and Pepper Crab. He seems to be quite aware of Singapore unlike some other stars who have come here.


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